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IT must fit the company

Continue A/S is advising companies, organisations, and associations on Internet support for their business strategies.


We merge the strategic services of the consultant with the more limited solutions of the IT-firm and the web-bureau. IT must be regarded as a practical tool to be used by the organisation in its practical day-to-day work.

Continue provides Internet solutions suited to the reality of the company - whether the requirement is to appear more visible on the Internet or to develope or improve the impact of its webpage.


Like all other tools IT is to contribute to the company's confidence and competence.




To achieve succes it can occasionally be an advantage to buy support.

Continue A/S makes a difference.



Continue A/S Management & Investment ˇ Amigovej 7 ˇ 6710 Esbjerg  ˇ E-mail: info@continue.dk ˇTlf.: 76131313 ˇ Fax: 76131302